#GlitterReviews : The Body Shop

Hi guys!

You might have guessed that I am going review about The Body Shop products that I bought recently. But before proceeding I just want to wish you guys a Happy Halloween in advance. Not that I celebrate it like most of you do, but I really am excited!

TBS Products

Without further ado, let’s get to it…

The products that I am reviewing today is TBS Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea

I have used a TBS shower gel before and hence wanted to give it a try again. The body lotion is for the first time that I have been using. I bought these from the TBS store because I wanted to check the fragrance of each before I buy and make sure I like it.

The Fuji Green Tea was my immediate favourite just because it has tea written over it (insert an eye roll). We all know the benefits of green tea. And since I have faced a lot of allergic reactions in the recent times, it was the best decision to pick this up. Green Tea leaves picked from around Mt. Fuji are supposed to act as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants. Apart from working as a great skin toner, it also helps improving skin’s elasticity and provide even skin tone, thus making the skin look rejuvenated.

TBS Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel

  • The TBS Shower Gel is a transparent gel, with a slight green tint to it. It is basically clear and has no grainy substance in it.
  • The consistency of the shower gel is normal.
  • The odour is rather refreshing and pleasant, strong yet subtle.
  • Lathers up quickly.
  • Easy to wash off.
  • Skin definitely feels refreshed and supple.
  • The packaging is done in a plastic bottle with a rotating/ flip open cap.
  • Not travel friendly.

TBS Fuji Green Tea Gel Lotion

  • TBS Body Lotion is of the same Fuji Green Tea range. I got a little confused between the body lotion, body sorbet and body butter when buying though.

(Can somebody please tell me difference among them if you used or using any TBS products…)

  • It has a pastel mint color to it and smells just like the shower gel.
  • Gets quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • It stays on for the entire day and keeps my skin hydrated so I’m pretty impressed with it.
  • The packaging is done in a plastic bottle with a pump on it, which also has a seal cap.

TBS Gel Lotion Seal Cap

  • Is travel friendly.
TBS Drops of Youth Samples

TBS Drops of Youth Day Cream and Concentrate Samples

Since I bought these from store, I also got few samples along with it from the Drops of Youth range and Oils of Life range. I really liked the Drops of Youth cream so hoping to buy it some time soon.

That would be all for this post. I hope it was useful to you guys. Do share your thoughts on it.

Also I have been eager to share with you guys that after a long long time I bought myself few books for October. I found it so interesting that I am already done with the first book and going to finish the second. Also I have been reading the first Blake Pierce Novel based on Mackenzie White series, Before He Kills. Could you suggest more thrillers novels to me?

Until next time…


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