We all know the struggle to get our nails right and part of it includes nail polish. I change my nail polish every single week. If you are anything like me, you would understand when I say I need them to be perfectly done. One of my main concern is what shade or tint to apply. Whether you do it yourself or opt for professionals, this is one thing all would worry about. Other than the obvious fact and/or solution that you apply same color both on your fingers and toes, here are some mani-pedi combination ideas for you.

I had a bunch of nail paints with me, so I combined them for the ideas. If you have any other color with you, you can totally experiment.

20 Mani Pedi Combos

P.S. : The colors may vary screen to screen so I have tried my best and labelled them accurately. The combinations may already exist, so there might NOT be nothing new. I am just putting some ideas out there for anyone to give it a try.

1. Mint Green + Berry

Mani Pedi Combo 1

2. Teal + Nude BlushMani Pedi Combo 2

3. Brown + Light Green GraffitiMani Pedi Combo 3

4. Emerald + GoldMani Pedi Combo 4

5. Teal + Bright PinkMani Pedi Combo 5

6. Nude Blush + BlackMani Pedi Combo 6

7. Denim + MaroonMani Pedi Combo 7

8. Teal + TangerineMani Pedi Combo 8

9. Black + AmethystMani Pedi Combo 9

10. Maroon + Mint GreenMani Pedi Combo 10

11. Maroon + Nude BlushMani Pedi Combo 11

12. Cornflower Blue + Blush PinkMani Pedi Combo 12

13. Tangerine + Light Green GraffitiMani Pedi Combo 13

14. Mint + TangerineMani Pedi Combo 14

15. Navy + Rose TaupeMani Pedi Combo 15

16. Tangerine + NavyMani Pedi Combo 16

17. Teal + BrownMani Pedi Combo 17

18. Amethyst + Ivory/ Blush PinkMani Pedi Combo 18

19. Amethyst + CopperMani Pedi Combo 19

20. Emerald + MaroonMani Pedi Combo 20

That is all I could come up with right now. If you guys own same batch of nail paints but have another mani pedi combo, do let me know. I would love to try it. Send me pictures of your favourite combos to me that you would like to recommend or if you guys have tried any one of the above.

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Until next time…


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