15+ Websites for Free Stock Photos!

Ooh, I have been posting a lot of list blogs lately. Didn’t notice before this one…

Hello guys!

This blog is a little different than what I post usually. Ever since in school, I have struggled to find pictures to keep/use whether personal or for commercial use. When we Google search anything, any image, most of us download pictures for our projects or so and what we don’t realise is that the photos are subjected to copyright. Most of the website can offer you to use their photos but with proper attribution. If we share the same struggle, you would know how hard it is to find a free photo. Now that I am into blogging, I need a lot of those.

After searching the entire internet, I have listed down few sites where you can actually find Free Stock Photos which you can download for personal or commercial use without any permission or attribution.

Free Stock Photos

Let’s get started!

1. UnSplash:


At this website you can find high resolution pictures by many different photographers from across the globe. From wildlife to landscapes, street photos to #travel-goals, everything is available. You also have search option to find photos through the entire website, different profiles and collections of the photographers.


2. Splitshire:


The website categorises photos under nature, technology, people, fashion, abstract and many more topics. You either check these categories out or simply scroll down to view pictures.

The best part of it is that they also provide you with high resolution videos for commercial use but the categories narrows down when it comes to this.


3. Pexels:


The stock photos here are all ‘handpicked from photos uploaded by the users and sources’. So you know you got the best of best when it comes to free stock photos. You can go through the gallery or search for keywords and tags with search option. It will search photos from all over the website and also other free stock photo websites.


4. Pixabay:


You can search for photos, videos, illustrations and vector graphics in this website. The users here do not need attribution for the photos.

Best part: You can drag other image onto the search bar and search similar or related pictures just like you would do in Google images.


5. New Old Stock:

New Old Stock

Though the website has more of a western touch to it, it provides photos with a vintage look. The photos also include some really old photos that do not have any copyright restrictions, so the site claims. There isn’t much diversity regarding pictures topics, so scrolling through the pictures would rather be a good idea.

You can also follow N.O.S on Tumblr.


6. Snapwire Snaps:

Snapwire Snaps

Apart from numerous photos from various collection, you can search fro a specific photo by using tags. Many brands and companies use Snapwire to obtain best photos.  What I like about this website, if you do not find the photo you are looking for, you can request the on demand photographers to capture custom photos. Select, nominate and download the one you like.


7. ISO Republic:

ISO Republic

You can search or go through the pictures. This website however has more blogger-like pictures (if you can understand what I mean). The photos are great, high resolution but the content is different from the websites mentioned earlier.


8. Picography:


A great photography website! It does not have categories to look through so you can either search specific photos or just scroll through the page. If you are looking for travel & lifestyle genre, this one is perfect for you.


9. Foodies Feed:

Foodies Feed

I mean, the name suggests more than enough. Go and just surf across the website for food porn.


10. Magdeline:


Free stock photos across 8 categories, the site provides high resolution photos under CC0 ( Creative Common Zero) so that you can use them for free, legally.


11. Travel Coffee Book:

Travel Coffee Book

If you love to see travel photos, this is perfect for you. Travel pictures from all over the world, it gives you HD pictures from the photographer who also has a Tumblr. account.


12. Stocksnap.io:


Another website that provides a variety of photos from all over the internet. Whether in search of a particular photo or category, it can show you the pictures that are #trending and popular.


13. Life of Pix:

Life Of Pix

The website offers free high resolution photographs from a group of contributors. You can also find free videos as ‘Life of Vids’. These photos are also available  in Adobe Stock. It also provides motivational quotes with backgrounds.



14. Libreshot:


This website too has limited 12 categories of photography but the photos are really good. If you are looking for photos that are more of close ups, from nature to day to day objects, this site is good for you.


15. Gratisography:


If you are looking for pictures of about people and/or particular objects, this is perfect for you. Though the site does not provide many categories to go through, it still has high resolution photos. I personally like the photos under ‘Whimsical’ category.


16.  I’d Pin That:

I'd Pin That

The homepage does not display any picture gallery so you have to search for your photos by typing in the keywords. But overall the results are amazing.


17. StokPic:


Another great site for free stock photos. This too has categories as well as search option for optimizing results. There are so many categories to surf through and the pictures are also quite amazing.


18. Cupcake:


Do not be fooled by the cute name and logo of this website. This site has some really awesome pictures by Jonas Nilsson. Though it does not have the search option so you will have to scroll down for more, but overall this is one amazing free stock photos website.


19. Kaboompics:

Kaboom Pics

The photos here are so good that I usually spent hours going through the pictures. If you want pictures of blogging or for commercial use, this website can provide you with that wide range of photo selection.


20. FancyCrave:

Fancy Crave

Another one from my favourite sites. This website too has a large variety of photos to select from. Whether for commercial use or for personal projects you can find both type of pictures from here.

These are some of the websites that I use preferably. I too download a lot of photos from these sites for my blogs and also for wallpapers. Do check them out by clicking the website name and tell me which one are your favourites!

Until next time…


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