10 Random Things About Me!

It has been a while that I have been posting blogs. The problem there : I haven’t introduced myself! Before you get to review previous blogs of mine, I would like to share few things about me. Not that they point out the obvious characteristic trait, they are just few facts about me. So without much further ado…
1. Trust me when I say, ‘I’m an introvert”. I have been told that the first impression people have about me is that I seem rude and arrogant, which is not true. I don’t usually engage with people and yes, I am choosy about who I talk to. I just babble a lot inside my own head than talk to someone in reality.

2. I love to annoy people. Yes! You heard me right. When I get to know people, I have the tendency to annoy amd irritate them just for the sake of it. Irritate them and debate about nonsense until they freak out. 

In my defense, blame it on my zodiac – GEMINI!

3. I am nyctophilliac. I just L.O.V.E darkness. Leave me in a dark room anytime and I am okay with that (even after watching a horror movie and/or being in a haunted place). When I was younger, I did get scared but now if I spot an entity in the dark room, I would probably kick ’em out.

4. Talking about spiritual entities, I am quite fascinated by such things. More importantly, witchcraft. Not all those dark rooms with candles, pentagons drawn all over and summoning demons and such. I aim to be a nice white witch, who is more inclined in the betterment of the self and surrounding.

5. Favorite genres. I think by now you would have guessed it. When it comes to watching movies and/or reading books, I keep coming to the same genres time and again. Fantasy, horror, thriller, mystery are my favorite. And psychological thriller is like a cherry on top of the cake!

6. We all have that one book that is close to our heart. I have one too. Anne Frank : The Diary of a Young Girl. I remember reading it for the first time when I was in Std 8 as a part of a syllabus. Though it was a only a part of a single diary entry, something about it just felt like me. You know. I hunted that book down and now, I own 2 versions of it.

7. Books and drinks. Oh such good times! I am a chai person. Honestly speaking, coffee ranks 4th on my list. Chai being first, followed by hot chocolate.

8. I love collecting knick knacks. It is just a completely different topic that I keep forgetting where I keep them. Might be a random ribbon bow, a button, a piece of mirror, a fancy string, compass, prism etc.

9. My fashion fetish: shoes and bags. I actually own more shoes and bags as compared to clothes or accessories. I literally own each type of bag and shoes for every single mood and occasion.

10. Stationery Obsession: Do you love the smell of new book? Or just maybe an old one? The crisp fresh pages of notebook. The new pens and pencils. The different erasers and pencil sharpener. The different types of colors. And all the so called office and school supplies. I just like to own them and pick up whatever new is on the shelf.

That’s all for now guys. Sorry for the late post. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time…


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