9 Ways To Smell Good All The Time!

It feels so good when someone says you smell nice and give you compliments. Or when they want to know simply what perfume you are wearing. Smell is one of the greatest factors that captures someone’s attention. It helps in building memory of that person. So why not try and make a good one!

Everyone knows the right way to apply perfume is to spray it at ‘pulse points’ and spray more into the air in front of you, just twirl as you walk through it. But honestly how long does that last? Is this walk through enough to subdue other factors that cause body odour? Here are some tips and tricks to make your favourite perfume last longer.

1. After-bath Routine:


After you step out of shower, you skin is hydrated. If you apply perfume then, the skin will absorb the fragrance quickly and you smell good all day.

2. Moisturise First:


Before putting on any perfume, make sure you apply moisturizer to your entire body after bath. Not only it will seal the moisture in your skin and keep it hydrated but the moisturizer will act as a base for the perfume to hold on to.

Try to use a non fragrant moisturizer so that the perfume you are applying blooms even better. If you have a fragrant one, make sure it does not disrupt your perfume.

3. Apply Where?


We know the essential pulse points: behind the ear, wrists, inside of the elbow, collar bones, underarms.

In addition to that, apply perfume to the nape of the neck, chest, midriff, on your back,on your belly button, behind the knees, inside of the thighs and lastly on your ankles. These locations are the major points that contribute to body odour. So make sure you apply perfume to each of these areas.

4. Do Not Rub:


After applying perfume, don’t you dare rub it on further. Your body’s natural heat is enough to activate the perfume. Rubbing it will cause the fragrance to fritter away quickly leaving you with nothing. Perfumes with different tones are hence left with the mid and last tone that are the quick in disappearing.

5. Fresh Air, Fragrant hair:

Ever notice how queens used incense and sway it under the hair. When we hug someone, we usually wonder how that person smells so good. The secret is to spray on some fragrance onto the hair.

Instead of directly spraying the perfume on to the hair, try this.

  • Spray some perfume liquid onto your palms and scrunch your hair. (Remember do not rub your palms)

Photo Credit: devacurl.com/blog

  • Spray the perfume on to your hairbrush, let it sit for few seconds and comb evenly through your hair.

Photo Credit: glossybox.co.uk/magazine

6. Overcome Sweat:

It is either the hot weather or an activity you do. We all sweat. So if you want the perfume to linger around even if when you are sweating, grab the powder.

Yup! When first applying perfume, put on some powder to the areas you think are going to sweat. Underarms, base of throat, lower back, back of the knees, crotch and foot/toes. Rub some powder and then spray your perfume on it. This will make the fragrance stay even when you are sweating.

7. Spray vs Dab vs Splash:

The perfume bottles come in different packaging. Some in spray bottles, some with just a cap and some with roller balls at the top. Usually people have different opinion on how to apply perfume. Honestly it is just personal choice.

Here’s the thing: when you splash the perfume onto your skin, the skin flakes and the liquid comes in contact, eventually damaging the potion if any flakes get transferred into the bottle. There are chances of spilling too.

Dabbing a perfume, gives you a stronger smell which you may or may not like. Sometimes extra perfume liquid comes out the bottle. You can either dab by using your perfume or a clean Q-tip.

Spraying which most people opt for gives an equal distribution and good amount of perfume can be sprayed on without overdoing it. Not a single drop is wasted if sprayed properly.

8. Spray On The Bed:

If you want to have a signature scent, the best method is to use it on a regular basis. Spraying the perfume onto the bed sheets and pillow frequently will help the scent cling on to your body. Eventually the fragrance becomes permanent.

9. Where to Keep:


Most of us keep the perfume bottles at the vanity tables or in the bathroom. It is suggested to keep the bottles in cool, dark, dry place like a cabinet. Keeping it in the fridge also helps. This does not alter the fragrance even after prolonged use. Keeping it in bathroom alter the scent as it is continuous contact with other scents like that of your shampoo, soap or air freshener.

So guys, these are few tips that I wanted to share with you. Hope you find these helpful. If you have more tricks up on your sleeve, do not forget to share with me.

If you like what you read, share with your friends and do not forget to comment on what you think. Until next time…


2 thoughts on “9 Ways To Smell Good All The Time!

  1. Sunita Sharma says:

    It is very useful, as one need to be always presentable while in office. So retaining the smell of the perfume generally possible only if we run to spray the perfume every two hours. But these tips help us avoid that.

    Liked by 1 person

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